Prairie Farm resident Selmer Nelson had a boardroom named after him, as more than 600 members of Barron Electric Cooperative attended the co-op’s annual meeting Saturday, March 30, 2019, at Barron High School.

Co-op members elected one new director and reelected two incumbents at the 83rd annual meeting.

Director Lynn Peterson retired after 35 years on Barron Electric Cooperative’s Board, representing District 6. Barron resident Patricia Mandel was elected to fill the position.

Incumbents Michael Baker, District 3, and Richard Bol, District 9, Chetek, were both reelected to the board.

The Selmer Nelson Boardroom was dedicated to Nelson in recognition of 35 years as President of the board of directors.

According to Dallas Sloan, general manager, Nelson’s “leadership, integrity, and parliamentary expertise brought fairness, order, and respect amongst the membership and at all meetings.”

In remarks to members, Sloan noted that Dairyland Power Cooperative, which provides electricity to Barron Electric, has purchased a contract for 150 megawatts of solar power and 216 megwatts of wind power.

Sloan said Dairyland is working with Minnesota Power to build a “renewable enabling plant,” which will have the capability to ramp up in minutes versus hours.

January’s “Polar Vortex” outbreak was a challenge for the cooperative, Sloan added. He said repair crews worked in extreme cold temperatures to restore power in the Cumberland area.

Barron Electric’s Board President Randy Cook said Barron Electric is committed to the communities they serve and gave $38,000 to non- profit organizations and scholarship winners.

Jeff Springer, manager of energy efficiency and technical services at Dairyland Power Cooperative, said Barron Electric members can purchase solar power units for $700 each and receive a monthly credit for the energy produced.

At an organizational meeting following the annual meeting, members elected the following officers: Randy Cook, president; Michael Baker, vice president; Scott Warwick, secretary; Arlyn Helm,treasurer; and Michael Baker-Dairyland Power Cooperative Director.