A 59-year-old man was arrested Monday morning, June 22, in Rice Lake after he allegedly made threats to shoot a police officer.

Mark C. Holt, was arrested with the help of the K9 Chase in Indian Mounds Park in Rice Lake.

The incident began at 7:06 a.m. on June 22 when a man called Barron County Dispatch Center saying “he was going to shoot the first police officer he seen,” according to a press release from the Rice Lake Police Department. The call was tracked to Indian Mounds park.

Businesses in the area were locked down as a precaution and a perimeter was established. Police did not believe he was a threat to the public.

The man was located in the park pavilion and allegedly refused to cooperate or show his hands. K9 Chase was deployed and apprehended the man, identified as Holt.

Holt was treated for minor injuries he sustained prior to contact with police. He smelled heavily of intoxicants at the time of his arrest.

Barron County sheriff’s deputies and Marshfield Medical Center paramedics responded to the incident with Rice Lake police officers.

Holt was charged Tuesday, June 23, with felony threat to judge, prosecutor or law enforcement officer and misdemeanors resisting or obstructing an officer and unlawful phone use-threaten harm.