Welcome to Benjamin's House

Benjamin’s House Emergency Shelter is one of nine grant recipients of the Mayo Clinic Health System Hometown Health Grant Program. The shelter received $25,000 to help support their new Continued Care Program. This program will assist residents in need of security deposit, rent assistance and case management as they prepare to move out of shelter into safe, stable housing.

“Residents are allowed to stay at the shelter up to 90 days. During their stay they find employment but often only collect a few paychecks within that 90-day time frame. With other potential debts, child support and bills to pay we have found it is difficult for individuals to have that first month’s rent and deposit. On an average $600 rental, this amount totals $1,200 which can be hard to save in the short period of time we work with them” states BHES Executive Director, Lori Bowman.

The Continued Care Program will assist individuals for up to 9 months after exiting the shelter into permanent housing. During this time, individuals will work with a case manager to continue to create stability and self-sufficiency. The idea behind the program is to help prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless again.

Unstable housing circumstances, including homelessness, are critical social determinants of adult and child health. By supporting this program, Mayo Clinic Health System is focusing on fighting chronic health outcomes and helping to create a healthier community for everyone.

Over the past five years, Mayo Clinic Health System has awarded nearly $1 million in grant money to nonprofits in northwest Wisconsin to help improve the health of communities in the region.