The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is advising Barron County property owners to cooperate as a means of saving money on heavy duty storm cleanup.

Janette Cain, DNR Forester for Barron County, appeared at a meeting last Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, to work with area property owners who are still dealing with damage from the July 19 windstorm.

“The biggest expense of using a logger is the transport of all the big, heavy machinery, so the DNR is encouraging landowners with smaller acreage to band together with neighbors to create one job,” according to an announcement released prior to the meeting.

“We recommend that the landowners create a meeting for themselves, where neighbors (could) meet to discuss who will be in charge of finding a logger,” Cain said in an email Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Once the landowners find a logger willing to do the work, the participating landowners could agree to “make a written agreement to hand to the logger, along with a map of where all the landowners’ properties are located,” she said.

For further information, call (715) 410-8317.