If your ancestor settled in Barron County, you may be eligible to obtain a Pioneer or Century Certificate. The Blue Hills Genealogical Society-Barron County, Inc. (BHGS) issues certificates to persons who are directly descended from a Barron County, Wis., Pioneer or Century ancestor.

Applicants must submit an application form and qualified evidence to prove direct descent, and to prove:

1. Pioneer ancestor settled/lived in Barron County prior to 1 Jan. 1871, OR

2. Century ancestor settled/lived in Barron County 100 years or more prior to the date of Application.

Applicants must also prove the line of descent from the ancestor to themselves.

The Applicant need not live in Barron County, and the person to whom the Certificate is issued need not live in Barron County. The fee is $10 for each Pioneer or Century Certificate requested. The deadline to submit the Application is October 1, 2021.

Please go to the website at https://bhgsbc.org, and click on Certificate Programs to obtain more information, and see the Application Form and Instructions. Certificates will be awarded at the November meeting of Blue Hills Genealogical Society in Barron, or the Certificate can be mailed out.

Please contact Linda Adams who is the Certificates Chair at 715.205.2860 with any questions, and she will be happy to assist you. Please submit the Application and fee (payable to BHGS-BC) to Linda Adams, PO Box 296, Cameron, Wis., 54822.