Timber losses were widespread in 2019, and many woodland owners are facing the problem of figuring out the amount of loss to claim on their tax returns. The Barron County Woodland Owners’ annual meeting on Saturday, Jan. 25, will feature CPA Chuck Lawrence discussing how to establish basis for timber losses as well as forester Janette Cain with a DNR update.

All interested woodland owners are invited to attend the meeting at 1 p.m. at the Mason’s Hall in Rice Lake.

The presentation will be followed by a brief annual meeting and election of the board of directors.

Any woodland owner who is or becomes a member is eligible for election, and the BCWOA is currently seeking more volunteers to help in its mission of educating woodland owners and the public on sustainable forestry practices and the importance of preserving woodland resources.

There is no cost to attend the meeting. Membership in the FWCOA is $20 per year. The Lodge is located at 225 West South Street, just off Pioneer Ave. north of County Road “O”.

For more information or questions regarding the meeting, please call Steve Hansen at 715-288-6817 or email shansena@centurytel.net