Barron High School 2017 Homecoming Court

Front row, from left: Alex Cox, Emily Myers, Grace Donica, Jordan Nevin. Middle row, Lyndsey Mickelson, Rachel Peterson, Shayla Skjerly, Ahna Mikunda and Kylie Amundson. Back row: McKinley Verhulst, Ethan Thompson, Michael Davidson, Hunter Knutson, Jaden Johnson, Zach Miller. Not pictured: Justin Bartlett.

New kinds of class competitions, souvenir shirts and – for the first time in a long time – a dance held away from Barron High School, are blending together to help make Barron High School’s 2017 Homecoming a new experience for the school and community alike.

According to high school event sponsors, it all starts Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, at the high school parking lot and athletic fields, with an inter-class kickball tournament, a concession stand, a running race and the crowning of this year’s Homecoming royalty.

A complete list of Homecoming events appears elsewhere in the News-Shield.

Staff members Linda Mikunda, school counselor, and Karen Lettner, health/psychology teacher, are working with student members of all four BHS classes to plan an event that they hope will get students and the community involved.

“Sunday, Oct. 1, will be the big kickoff,” Mikunda said. “So we are hoping for – and we usually get – a lot of kids for the kickball tournament, crowning of the King and Queen.

The Sunday night events culminate with the Glow Run -- nighttime races over distances of two miles and five kilometers, sponsored by the Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America.

Adviser Carrie Amundson said the 25-member FCCLA chapter returns funds from the Glow Run “back into our families and communities through the school year.” The money is spent on community service projects and leadership opportunities for members, she added.

After the week’s events draw to a close, Homecoming will wind up with a dance to be held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, at a new “event barn” recently constructed by town of Barron residents Jeff and Billie Church.

“The Church Barn just opened north of Barron,” Mikunda said. “It is a beautiful place.”

To increase participation in the various competitions, each class will be graded on how many of its students are part of the contests during Homecoming week. The class with the most points will be able to go to lunch two minutes early each day, for the week of Oct. 16-20, according to Lettner and Mikunda.

Coincidentally, Homecoming is taking place at about the same time that the school district expects delivery on a new “street light pennant” to be hung in Barron and three villages located across the school district – Almena, Dallas and Ridgeland (see accompanying photo).

Other highlights during the upcoming week:

• Kickoff event on Sunday, Oct. 1, includes a class kickball tournament (girls play, boys are cheerleaders), a concession stand, face painting, the coronation of the Homecoming King & Queen, and, at 7 p.m., the FCCLA Glow Run.

• Spirit days will be held throughout the week. Class points will be awarded based on the number of participants, who will be counted by homeroom teachers.

The spirit days are:

Monday - Tacky Tourist Day (Dress up like a tourist)

Tuesday - USA Day (Dress patriotically)

Wednesday - Cameron Comets Day (Wear blue and/or white or Cameron clothing)

Thursday - Throwback Thursday (Dress up like someone from a different era, such as someone from the 1980s)

Friday - Maroon & Gold (Wear Barron Bears clothing)

• On Friday –activities include class music videos performed at the Barron Area Community Center, outdoor events that include a tug of war, “duct tape challenge,” and indoor activities including boys’ volleyball, card games and “giant Jenga.”

The Homecoming parade will start at 2:45 p.m.

The junior class will host a tailgate party in the commons from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. to raise money for the 2018 Prom.

The Homecoming game against visiting Chetek-Weyerhauser starts at 7 p.m. A halftime show will feature the BHS Band and Homecoming Court.