The 250-acre Logan and Amber Dwyer farm, Chetek, will be the host site for a cover crop field day at 10 a.m. Saturday Aug. 24, 2019.

The event is free, and lunch will be provided. Sponsors include the Farmers of Barron County and Shell Lake/Yellow River farmer-led watershed councils, and the Northwest Graziers Network.

The farm is located at 1842 Eighth Ave. in the town of Prairie Lake, between Hillsdale and Chetek.

The Dwyers have been on their farm for three years and have built a diversified crop and cattle operation, along with trying new ideas with cover crops while improving soil health and maintaining profitability.

The field day will include information on several kinds of cover crops:

• “Relay cover crops” with soybeans and winter wheat.

• “Interseeded” cover crops planted between 60-inch rows of corn and soybeans.

• Corn planted with a five-way mix of cover crops interseeded between the rows.

• Forage production for beef cows provided by a multi-species cover crop mix such as cereal rye, annual rye grass, Berseem clover, kale, turnip, buckwheat, vetch, field radish and others.

Soil health measurements will be demonstrated, and cover crop economics will be discussed.

The Dwyers have a 75-head Angus-cross beef herd. The field day includes a demonstration of low-cost cattle handling, underground water lines, a portable watering cart, and fencing system.

To register, call Kim Grover, University of Wisconsin-Extension at (715) 537-6256.