Glenn Perry Weapon

Pictured is the AR-15 rifle Glenn Perry reportedly used to kill two police officers. 

Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright has issued Friday, May 19, a nine-page report examining the deaths of police officers Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel.

According to the report, the officers were fatally shot by Glenn Perry with an AR-15 rifle during a traffic stop of his vehicle.

The officers returned fire, striking Perry in his right leg. He collapsed shortly after killing the officers and subsequently died from a gunshot wound to his femoral artery.

The report indicates that Perry received mental health evaluations and treatment in 2010 and 2011, and that his mental health had worsened during and after his wife divorced him. According to the report, Perry’s parents were attempting to get a third-party mental health commitment for him.

On April 7, the day before the fatal shootings, local police were informed of Perry’s mental status and the safety risk he posed.

Wright concluded, “Perry’s actions will forever change the way we see our community, but the anger and hatred we, as a community, will surely feel should be concentrated on Perry, and him alone.”