Solo, Ensemble competitors

The state band and choir participants for Solo and Ensemble competition were first row (from left) Mikayla Eraquam and Faith Prentis. Second row: Trinity Bee, Naomi Frisinger, Emily Mettner, Ashton Blick, Emma Knutson, Ethan Thompson, Brayden Stralka. Third row: Angel Tipsin, Sydney Frandsen, Rachel Peterson, Mitchell Klatt, Mitchell Gordon, Kierra Kappel, Josiah Gander. Fourth row: Justin Whiting, Esther Mashak, Iris Shipley, Catherine Krance, Jacob Swantz, Tara Glaser, Erv Kraft, Carson Glaser.

High school band, choir and piano students from Barron recently participated in the 2017 Solo and Ensemble Festival April 1, 2017, at the Rice Lake High School.  Students prepared pieces for the festival in three classes: A, B, and C with Class A being the most difficult.  

After performing for a judge, students receive ratings of I through V. A rating of I is considered excellent, II is very good, III is good, IV is fair, and V is poor.  Students who receive a starred 1st continue on to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival at UW-Eau Claire on May 6.

Band students of Haylee Lytle, vocal students of Jocelyn Dietsche and piano students of local piano teachers worked for several weeks with piano accompanists Haylee Lytle, Jocelyn Dietsche, Karen Wilber and Shirley Sorensen to prepare for the events.

Band Results

Class A - State Qualifiers: Emily Mettner (alto saxophone solo); Justin Whiting, McKinley Verhulst, Carson Glaser, Tara Glaser, Naomi Frisinger, Ashton Blick, Mitchell Klatt (percussion ensemble); Ethan Thompson, Rachel Peterson, Emma Knutson, Sydney Frandsen (trombone quartet); Emily Mettner, Kierra Kappel, Mitchell Gordon, Catherine Krance (sax quartet); Mikayla Eraquam (piccolo); Faith Prentiss (piccolo)

Class A - I Rating: Erv Kraft, Josiah Gander, Ethan Thompson, Rachel Peterson, Jacob Swantz (Brass Quintet); Katie Freeland (flute); Niki Dau (clarinet); Niki Dau, Faith Prentiss, Katie Freeland (WW trio); McKinley Verhulst (timpani); Julia Wirth (piano).

Class A - II Rating: Alex Townsend (clarinet); Naomi Frisinger (marimba).

Class B - I Rating: Ed Mettner (bassoon); Faith Prentiss, Iris Shipley, Mikayla Eraquam (flute trio); Justin Whiting (drumset); Tara Glaser (xylophone); Julia Wirth (trombone solo); Iris Shipley (flute)

Class B - II Rating: Mitchell Klatt (trombone); Catherine Krance (tenor sax); Esther Mashak (alto saxophone)

Choir Results

Class A - State Qualifiers: Trinity Bee (Soprano Classical); Ashton Blick (Alto Classical); Erv Kraft (Baritone Musical Theatre); Esther Masak (Soprano Classical); Emily Mettner (Soprano Classical); Iris Shipley (Alto Classical); Brayden Stralka (Tenor Classical); Angel Tipsin (Mezzo-Soprano Classical); Erv Kraft and Emily Mettner (Classical Duet); Ashton Blick, Naomi Frisinger and Emily Mettner (Classical Trio).

Class A - I Rating: Ashton Blick (Alto Musical Theatre); Grace Donica (Mezzo-Soprano Classical); Naomi Frisinger (Soprano Classical); Erv Kraft (Tenor Classical); Ryan Leistikow (Baritone Musical Theatre); Ryan Leistikow (Bass Classical); Sydney Frandsen and Angel Tipsin (Classical Duet)

Class A - II Rating: Naomi Frisinger (Soprano Musical Theatre); Amie Kurtz (Soprano Classical); Ashley Tyler (Alto Classical); Ashley Tyler (Alto Musical Theatre); Iris Shipley and Ashley Tyler (Classical Duet); Grace Donica and Elizabeth Erb (Classical Duet).

Class B - I Rating: Garet Lettner (Tenor Classical); Ed Mettner (Baritone Classical); Andrew Smith (Bass Classical); Wyatt Workman (Bass Classical).

Class B - II Rating: Rachel Etchison (Soprano Classical); Pauline Kollmar and April Kraft (Classical Duet).