SOAR students for October/November

Front row, from left, Patrick Pedersen, Ubah Salad, and Ashton Blick. Second row, Eli Metcalf, Wyatt Boe, Michael Nichols, Abdinoor Hussein, Hunter Nelson. Third row, Madelyn Larson, Audrey Bigler, Reda Stokes, Delaney Willers, Allison Roppe. Not pictured: Hallie Jerome, Ashley Tyler Ryan Leistikow, Johnny Scheps, Samiro Abdi,  William Weise, Collin Krance, Connor Linsmeyer, Jennica Cox, Paige Hoff, Abukheyr Elmi, and Jonathan Oldenberg. Photo contributed

Students on a Roll (SOAR) have been nominated by teachers at Barron High School for the months of October and November, according to Carrie Amundson, family and consumer science teacher.

SOAR students are recognized for going above and beyond and being recognized by staff for their outstanding effort.

October Students - Audrey Bigler, Samiro Abdi, Ashton Blick, Michael Nichols, Eli Metcalf, Delany Willers, Hunter Nelson, Madelyn Larson, Wyatt Boe, Johnny Scheps, Abdinoor Hussein

November Students - William Weise, Collin Krance, Connor Linsmeyer, Jennica Cox, Audrey Bigler, Paige Hoff, Abukheyr Elmi, Ubah Salad, Jon Oldenberg, Patrick Pederson, Allison Roppe, Reda Stokes

Here’s what the teachers had to say about their nominated student(s):

Ashton Blick leads by example and enthusiasm. She helps younger students as they gain confidence and an appreciation for choir. She is a section leader in BHS choir and a teaching assistant in the 8th grade choir.

Michael Nichols created a webpage for parts to be uploaded for all choir students to further their singing knowledge. He helps others and fills in when he sees he can help. He learned to play warm-ups over the summer to further help the choir.

Eli Metcalf is such a musical student both in band and on stage!

Ubah Salad is not afraid to work hard and try new art mediums. She listens to demonstrations and then puts the effort in to get wonderful results!

Jon Oldenberg is trying new painting techniques, listening carefully to demonstrations and excelling at color mixing. Congratulations Jon!

Patrick Pedersen works hard every day and has been an awesome addition to the trombone section!

Samiro Abd has worked really hard and come along way since middle school.

Abukheyr Elmie works hard and is highly motivated.

Audrey Bigler is always in a great mood and ready to learn. She is very polite, helpful, asks questions, and works very hard. Audrey is a great social studies student who works hard to do a good job. Great kid!

Allison Roppe always has thoughtful, insightful responses to our readings. She participates in class discussion.

Abdinoor Hussein asks fantastic and insightful questions during class. He is also always willing to help his classmates if they are struggling to understand.

Paige Hoff does a phenomenal job in my class. She gets all of her work done in a timely and professional manner. Paige is polite and helpful to the other members of her class

Johnny Scheps is taking Advanced Placement United States history and so far has displayed a strong understanding of historical knowledge and the ability to use historical thinking skills to analyze and interpret history through primary and secondary sources.

Hallie Jerome has excelled in American Political Behaviors and You & the Law. She shows an interest in the material beyond what is taught in class. She is also a member of the new BHS Civics team.

Wyatt Boe has many talents athletically but one of his best traits is how he enjoys everyone around him - no matter the activity.

Jennica Cox embraced every opportunity to work hard in weightlifting class-she worked hard independently, and in group activity.

Delaney Willers is a great math student who works hard to do a good job. She is not afraid to ask questions if she needs the help, and she works well with peers.

Reda Stokes is a hard worker in math always having a positive attitude.

Hunter Nelson has volunteered to come to the lab on a number of occasions to help out in the Tech Ed area. He has completed a number of tasks that needed to be done to complete the new build.

William Weise and Collin Krance produced and end-grain cutting board that resembled a piano. This was above and beyond expectations that required extra effort.

Connor Linsmeyer is extremely creative with his class projects and has a very charismatic personality.

Ashley Tyler is always willing to help out with student senate items. She has been making signs for our sports teams since this summer!

Ryan Leistikow has been a school leader this year, organizing school activities and communicating with other student leaders.