First Lutheran Church of Arland Pastor Tim Vettrus and Prairie Lake Covenant Pastor Scott Christensen announce they are continuing the outdoor worship services on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. inside the safety of the Stardust Drive-in Theater, owned by Paul and Marlys Javener and managed by their daughter, Michaela. They have enjoyed two worship events so far and will continue through this month each Sunday.

This is a very energetic event with good Gospel music and preaching, where attendees are encouraged to “Honk if you love Jesus” or when you want to add your “Amen” to what is said.

Bulletins are handed out as you enter with the Scriptures and songs used, while you hear the leaders over the car radio from the in-house frequency used, so all can hear clearly. You remain in the safety of your own vehicle with restrooms available with proper social spacing. Stardust Drive-in Theater has also begun showing movies from Tuesday through Saturday as one of only about 50 theaters open in the whole country, even with the limited availability of movies.

Worship at the Stardust Drive-in has been organized to be non-denominational with input welcome for a truly ecumenical ministry. You may call 715-455-1936 if you have any questions or comments.