The Golden Bear

The search for the Golden Bear is underway once again in conjunction with the Barron Fall Fest, scheduled for Sept. 9-12 this year. The lucky finder will be rewarded with $50 in Barron Chamber Dollars. That prize will be doubled if the finder possesses a token handed out at the chamber’s  Music in the Park concert held last Wednesday. Whoever finds the Golden Bear should take it to Barron City Hall to claim their Chamber Dollars.

Here are the weekly clues to date:

Week one

“Good people of Barron

It’s that time of year,

Your search for the Bear

Is about to begin.”

I’m hiding in town,

In the city I love,

No point feeling down

When there are others around.

I’m not by a highway

I’m not at the pound

You’ll have to look quickly

Before I am found.

Week Two

Are you still looking?

Searching for fame?

I am still hiding

In a place near a game.

With a summer that’s hot

And a good chance of rain

I’m enjoying cool air

And no outside pain

People will gather

People will eat

I am near them

Isn’t that neat?

Week Three

Week three has arrived

And I’m still hanging around

The clues will get easy

So that I may be found

If you are a senior

Or person who’s served

You may be near me

Please don’t be unnerved

If you see a pocket, solids or stripes

Witness a bank shot

Or a rack or some chalk

You are in luck because you are so hot