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The Barron County Sheriff’s Department announced Friday that it had made three recent methamphetamine-related arrests. 

According to the department:

A traffic stop last week led to the arrest of Jacob Rheingans, 43 of Barron, who was in possession of almost 10 grams of meth.

Later a search, connected to this traffic stop, was executed at a house in the City of Chetek leading to the arrest of Brittany Turgeson, 37, of Chetek, who was in possession of 22 grams of meth.

That arrest led to a search warrant conducted at a house north of Barron and the arrest of Bernardo Garcia, 38, of Rice Lake, who was in Possession of 37 grams of meth.

Rheingans is being held in jail on a probation hold and Turgeson and Garacia were charged by the Barron County District Attorney’s Office with Possession with Intent to Deliver as well as other charges.

The total of 69 grams of meth has a street value of approximately $7,000.00.

Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said, “Barron County continues the fight on meth from an enforcement and prevention effort. Together we will make Barron County better.”

On Thursday, Sept. 9, Fitzgerald, DHHS director Stacey Frolik and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson spoke on methamphetamine-related issues at a town hall event in Barron. Methamphetamine is the most problematic drug in the region, Fitzgerald said. 

For more information on the criminal cases and the town hall, see the Sept. 15 issue of The News-Shield.