Funnel cloud

 Above is a screen shot from a video captured by Prairie Farm area resident Brooke Shatley during a strong, quick moving thunderstorm that dumped rain on the area and put on a substantial lightning show Monday evening, July 15. The video, posted on Facebook by Shatley and shared on the News-Shield’s Facebook feed, showed a funnel cloud developing just east of Prairie Farm. The video had more than 44,000 views in approximately 24 hours. The storm system later produced several funnel clouds in Rusk County, at least two on the ground, one near Bruce, another near Weyerhaeuser, and one more just south of Ladysmith. Most of the damage was limited to trees, as was the case in Barron County, where high, swirling winds with rain hit the Barron and Prairie Farm areas. Parts of Rice Lake were without power after the storm passed.