Show jumping

Taylor Rieck, of Woodville, and her horse, Stealth Hero, clear fence 8 in the Show Jumping phase at the Otter Creek Farm’s Summer Horse Trial held last Friday through Saturday. Show Jumping, which is a timed event, includes competition at three advanced levels: the Training Level at 3’-3”, the Preliminary Level at 3’-7” and the Intermediate Level at 3’-11”. There is also competition at the Novice, Beginner Novice and Starter levels. The horse and rider are not penalized for hitting a pole that does not fall down, but they are penalized if they don’t complete the course in the optimum time of 1 minute-30 seconds. The event, one of seven held annually at Otter Creek Farm, attracts hundreds of spectators and participants. The show held last weekend had 200 horse and riders participating. Other phases include Dressage (horse dancing) and Cross Country (obstacle jumping). Otter Creek is a family-owned Dressage and Event Show facility located in Dunn County south of Wheeler. Photo by Kelly Jensen