Floating fountain installed in Barron

 A month after it was approved by the Barron City Council, a new “floating fountain” is now in operation on the Yellow River, just upstream from the dam at La Salle Avenue. The fountain was installed Wednesday, May 8. At their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, April 8, City Council members agreed with a recommendation from the city Room Tax Committee to purchase the fountain at a cost of $5,609, from Prescott, Wis.-based Kasco Marine. Money for the fountain was generated by the city’s hotel/motel room tax. The fountain can be set to five different spray patterns. Besides the purchase price, the fountain will cost the city an estimated $3,156 annually in power and maintenance fees, the council learned. However, the Barron Water & Electric utility will forgive $3,000 of operating costs.                                                                                                                             Photo by Bob Zientara