The Barron County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, that all-terrain vehicle trails in the county have reopened with the exception of the “Blueberry Line” trail that connects Barron to Dallas and Ridgeland.

Heavy damage from the July 19 storm – which included at least two reports of tornadoes – has closed large portions of the north-south Blueberry Line trail, nearly three weeks after the storm.

ATV club members and other volunteers have worked to clear downed trees, limbs and brush from trails throughout the county, according to Kim Dahlberg, administrative secretary for the Sheriff’s Department.

On Thursday, Aug. 8, the county reopened the Cattail Trail from Turtle Lake east to the “intensive use” area near Almena. The next day, Aug. 9, the rest of the trail reopened from Almena to Barron.

After a weekend of additional work, the trail from Turtle Lake to Cumberland reopened on Tuesday, Aug. 13, leaving only the Barron-Dallas-Ridgeland portion closed.

Dahlberg said ATV clubs “are hoping to get more work done on the trails and get some of them open for the weekend. The Barron County website will reflect any changes,” she added.