Dean Edgar Thorne

Dean E. Thorne, 89, passed away April 13, 2021, at Danville, Calif.

He was born at Barron, Wis., on Jan. 25, 1932, to Charles Edgar Thorne (1900-1989) and Ruth Philippine Thorne (1892-1974), maiden name Butler. He attended Barron High School and River Falls State College, graduating in 1952. Dean enlisted in U.S. Air Force in 1953 and was honorably discharged in 1960.

He attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, graduating in 1967. He met his wife, Olena, while at university. They married on June 27, 1964. In 1969, Dean and Olena moved to Arlington, Va.

Surviving are his wife Olena Thorne (born 1938, maiden name Zahorulko); and children Gregory Zahorulko Thorne (1965), Zoya Thorne (1966) and Alexander Charles Thorne (1970).

Dean was preceded in death by his parents; a brother John Butler Thorne (1933-1953); and sisters Ann Elizabeth Thorne (1927-2016) and Patricia Ruth Thorne (1928-2014).

Services will be held at Oak Hill Cemetery, 1902 Plank Rd., Fredericksburg, Va., at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 17, 2021.