A Holcombe man appeared in custody in Rusk County Circuit Court on Oct. 30 after being charged with disorderly conduct and three charges of felony bail jumping after he was shot for trespassing onto a citizen’s property while under the influence of methamphetamine.

On July 6 at approximately 6:57 p.m. Rusk County deputies were dispatched to a trespassing call at a residence in the Township of Willard where a male was reportedly attempting to break into a residence and the homeowner was holding the male at gunpoint.

According to the criminal complaint, the deputies arrived at 7:05 p.m. and observed a male standing at the end of the driveway throwing rocks toward the residence. As the deputies pulled to the front of the residence the male ran behind a semi parked in the yard. Deputies made contact with the male who was identified as Daniel N. DeSantis, 34.

DeSantis allegedly appeared to be very erratic and possibly under the influence of narcotics. He advised the deputies he’d been shot in the arm by a male down the road but was unable to provide names or any additional information, according to the criminal complaint. First aid was administered by a deputy until EMS arrived.

A deputy made contact with the homeowner who appeared upset and admitted to shooting DeSantis. According to the criminal complaint, the homeowner had been having supper with his family when he saw a red vehicle screech its tires and then found DeSantis walking around his yard, picking things up off the ground. DeSantis was asked multiple times to leave but allegedly never responded.

The homeowner fired a warning shot in the air and when DeSantis came at him swinging the homeowner shot him, according to the criminal complaint. The homeowner advised the deputies that DeSantis was talking to something imaginary and his words were irrational and did not make sense.

The red vehicle was observed by responding deputies who then conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver advised the deputies that while she was driving DeSantis suddenly grabbed the steering wheel, causing the driver to slam on the brakes to avoid going into the ditch. DeSantis allegedly told the driver “this is the safe house.” The driver advised deputies DeSantis was not making any sense so she drove off without him. Skid marks were located by deputies in front of the residence confirming the driver’s story.

According to the criminal complaint, in an interview with deputies, DeSantis admitted to having smoked “4-5 hits” of methamphetamine and some marijuana before going for a car ride. DeSantis allegedly admitted to exiting the vehicle and then a sequence weird events occurred to which DeSantis told deputies he did not know what happened.

When asked, DeSantis agreed that his memory loss of the incident surrounding being shot may have been related to the illegal restricted controlled substance he had consumed prior to the incident.

In Rusk County Circuit Court DeSantis was charged with three counts of felony bail jumping as a repeater and one count disorderly conduct as a repeater. If convicted, DeSantis could face a maximum penalty of $31,000 in fines or 32 years incarceration or both.  

DeSantis is scheduled for an arraignment on Nov. 27 in Rusk County Circuit Court.