A Weyerhaeuser man is facing multiple charges in Rusk County Circuit Court after an airplane pilot reported the man allegedly aimed a shotgun at his plane.

Ronald A. Beebe, 66, is charged with one felony count of manufacture or deliver THC (<= 200g), one misdemeanor count of intentionally pointing a firearm at a person and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

If convicted, Beebe faces a maximum penalty of $20,500 in fines or four years and four months incarceration. Beebe is scheduled to appear in Rusk County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Dec. 4, for an initial appearance hearing.

According to the criminal complaint, on Sept. 25 at about 10 a.m., two Rusk County deputies and a Rusk County investigator were dispatched to a township of Atlanta residence regarding a complaint that someone was pointing a firearm at an airplane.

The pilot reported he was flying a plane, conducting an aerial application of rye seeds over farmland. While flying, a man, later identified as Beebe, exited his residence brandishing a firearm and allegedly shot at the airplane.

Law enforcement drove by a residence and found Beebe and another man standing outside. The man advised law enforcement he hadn’t been there during the incident but that Beebe admitted to him the airplane was flying dangerously low past Beebe’s residence. The male said Beebe then grabbed a gun and waived it at the airplane.

Law enforcement went into Beebe’s residence to search for firearms, according to the criminal complaint. Beebe was allegedly upset and argumentative as officers completed a sweep of the residence. As officers searched the residence, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana and found a marijuana grinder sitting on a table.

Beebe told officers he saw a yellow airplane flying dangerously low and was concerned for his own safety and allegedly grabbed his Winchester .20 gauge pump shotgun. Beebe admitted he pointed the firearm at the airplane to scare the pilot off.

According to the criminal complaint, Beebe also showed law enforcement five marijuana plants growing in buckets on the property and also the shotgun he attempted to scare the pilot off with. Beebe denied firing a shot at the airplane, and as an added measure, his hands were tested for gunshot residue.

In an interview with law enforcement, the pilot reported he saw Beebe shoulder the rifle and recoil the weapon two or three times as the weapon was allegedly pointed directly at the cockpit. The pilot reported he did not hear any gunshots.