Chelsea M. Mariani

Facing multiple charges

A Hawkins woman is facing four domestic abuse related charges in Rusk County Circuit Court after she allegedly attacked a vehicle with a crescent wrench while she was intoxicated.

Chelsea M. Mariani, 27, has been charged with five misdemeanor counts of bail jumping, one misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property and one misdemeanor count of disorderly contact with modifiers of domestic abuse and domestic abuse assessments.

If convicted Mariani could be sentenced to a maximum penalty of $61,100 in fines or four years and nine months incarceration or both.

Mariani appeared in Rusk County Circuit Court on Feb. 11 for an initial appearance hearing. Mariani entered not guilty pleas to each of her seven counts. Her cash bond was reduced from $500 to $150 and as a condition all contact with her victim must remain verbally and physically abuse free.

According to the criminal complaint, on Dec. 8 at 3:46 a.m. the Rusk County Dispatch received a 911 call regarding a domestic disturbance in the village of Hawkins. The caller stated Mariani had broken the driver side window out of his vehicle. The officer met with two males, one who had been working at a bar near closing time in Hawkins when Mariani left with a group of males to go to a nearby residence. The upset caller closed the bar and drove to the residence to pick up Mariani.

The criminal complaint alleges that when the caller arrived Mariani came to the vehicle and began “acting out.” When the caller exited the vehicle Mariani began hitting the vehicle with a crescent wrench, breaking the driver side window, driver side mirror and bent the rear license plate.

The caller went to the residence to confront the homeowner and Mariani left in the vehicle she’d just allegedly damaged with the crescent wrench. The caller went home to get the vehicle owner and together they began looking for Mariani and found she had returned to the residence.

The deputy found broken glass shards all over the inside of the front driver side of the vehicle and some dried blood on the steering wheel and shift knob.

According to the criminal complaint, the deputy spoke with Mariani who was found sitting in a recliner in the homeowner’s garage. Mariani appeared to be inebriated and allegedly was incoherent when she told the deputy the same thing multiple times. Mariani claimed both men had threatened her harm but could not say how they threatened or harmed her.

When asked about the damage to the window, she said it happened during an altercation with the caller and believed her hand had gone through the window.

At the time of the incident, Mariani had two open bonds in Price County Circuit Court with the conditions she would not commit any crime and would not consume any alcohol. In Price County Circuit Court Mariani has one open court case with one count of misdemeanor bail jumping and one count of disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse modifier.

Mariani is scheduled for a review hearing on April 14 in Rusk County Circuit Court.