Cash bond was set at $1 million, Thursday, for a Price County man arrested in the shooting deaths of a Conrath area couple. A no contact provision with immediate family through first cousins and co-defendants in the murders also was ordered.

Adam Rosolowski, 21, who is from the Ladysmith area but has a last known address in Phillips, is being held in the Rusk County Jail following the double murder at a home on Market Road in the town of Marshall.

The victims have been identified as Robert D. Rosolowski, 73, and Bonnie M. Rosolowski, 70. A family member found the couple dead in the late afternoon of Sunday, June 7.

Adam Rosolowski appeared for the June 11 Rusk County Circuit Court bond hearing held through video conferencing. During the hearing, he was called a flight risk with a history of missing previous court dates and failing to abide by past court-imposed conditions.

Rusk County District Attorney Annette Barna requested the $1 million bond, calling Adam Rosolowski “the mastermind” behind the murders and saying family members are “afraid for their lives.”

“He definitely is the mastermind behind these cases,” Barna said.

Barna added members of the victims’ family who attended the hearing by phone want “no contact whatsoever with Adam at this time.”

“He is definitely a flight risk,” Barna said. “I am not aware he was working prior to this and hadn’t been for a long time. A lot of unanswered questions and the senselessness of this crime makes the protection of the public a priority as well.”

“The family is very afraid for their lives. They don’t understand why this had happened, and they don’t know if they would be a target as well,” Barna said.

Also arrested were Adam Rosolowski’s acquaintances allegedly with him during the Price County pursuits, Joseph W. Falk, 17, and an unidentified 16-year-old boy.

“This is a double homicide case that was not reported until someone else had come upon the scene,” Barna said. “The two co-defendants along with Adam there is no indication they would have even known the victims if it weren’t for Adam, so Adam is the key player in this case.”

Public defender Ryan Raymond described his client as young, indigent and with ties to the area. He argued a probable cause statement filed with the court does not allege his client killed anybody and this case should currently be a party to a crime charge. He also argued bond should be set at a level only at an amount to ensure an appearance in court.

“His ties are to northern Wisconsin. He has no money, no resources with which to leave the state and nowhere to go. He can’t come up with $100 let alone $1 million,” Raymond said. “Just starting from the beginning that his bond be higher because he was related to the alleged victims I disagree with that presumption.”

It was stated during Adam Rosolowski’s bond hearing that $1 million is twice the amount of bond set for the other two suspects in the murders.

Barna argued again for the higher bond than the $500,000 set for the two other co-defendants.

“The co-defendants would not know these victims if not for Adam. He recruited the two co-defendants. He definitely is the mastermind behind these cases,” Barna said.

Barna argued the bond has to be high enough to ensure Adam Rosolowski appears in court.

“These are charges that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for, and I doubt that at his age he understands the magnitude of this,” Barna said. “Therefore, when that sinks in there are other issues that come into play that may be a danger of him not appearing to face these charges, and the family has every right to have him face what he has done to the victims in this family.”

Rusk County Circuit Court Judge Steven Anderson called the $1 million cash bond “appropriate,” citing Adam Rosolowski’s missed court appearances during a 2018 court case. He added it unlikely the co-defendants would have known the victims without Adam Rosolowski’s involvement.

Barna added during the hearing first degree intentional homicide of two victims would be the minimum charges.

The three defendants are scheduled to appear for a teleconference hearing at 11:30 a.m., Friday, June 19.