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APPLETON, Wis., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Entrepreneur, social-media marketing expert, and Social Sensation CEO, Grant Wydeven recently announced the series release of his wealth-building videos and personal finance educational tools via his dedicated YouTube channel. To increase excitement and growing viewership, these videos will be paired with a routine cash giveaway. Grant Wydeven is a personal finance educator who works to bring wealth building into the mainstream, making advanced wealth-growing information accessible to all. The new YouTube channel will funnel much of its financial success directly back to its viewers, giving away advertising funding as the channel grows, incentivizing audiences to continue watching.

Using the latest new and fast-paced approaches to personal finance, Grant Wydeven has prepared a series of videos intended to get new investors excited about making money in a wide variety of ways: real estate, budgeting, index funds, as well as online businesses, side hustles and e-commerce. The educational series seeks to educate, but also to excite.

"I get really energized when talking about wealth building and finance – so I thought I'd inject a bit of that excitement into viewing the series itself," said Grant Wydeven. "Massive money prizes are exactly how we generate interest and enthusiasm, while also breaking-the-mold representing all those typical, get-rich-quick schemes out there. Sure, we want people to get rich: but that takes a little luck, and a solid financial education foundation. Like the foundation we're providing here. And to get people really invested in their own betterment, we're giving away huge percentages of our advertising proceeds directly to viewers. Our goal for this year is a $50,000 giveaway. And we're shooting for a $150,000 giveaway during 2021. We want people to have fun, but also recognize that we're dedicated to this series: because we have already serious skin in the game."

Social Sensation is a social media marketing agency that has brought thousands of new customers to its clients through the power of social-media marketing. Both the company and Grant Wydeven strive to lead the world in creative wealth building innovation: providing entertaining and educational content that literally rewards viewers just for watching it.

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