MADISON, Wis., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shree Kalluri, Zerology's Founder & CEO, announced on Thursday that he is personally donating 16,000 KN95 masks that will go to law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin. Zerology, which owns and operates Green Cab Madison, is also supplying Green Cab drivers with masks.

"I saw a need and wanted to help," says Kalluri. "In a time like this, we need our law enforcement to be safe and able to respond to calls. With the CDC saying law enforcement should wear protective masks, and the chance that some communities could have problems making that happen, I got to work on a solution."

The masks will be distributed to all Wisconsin municipal, county, and state law enforcement. "I wanted Wisconsin's law enforcement to know how much we appreciate their dedication and commitment to keeping our communities safe. That is why I donated enough for every law enforcement person to have a mask," said Kalluri. He added, "In this crisis, it's important that we all try to help the people who protect us in any way we can, and this is my way. Hopefully, it sparks others in a position to lend a hand to do the same."

The masks are being distributed in cooperation with the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and the Wisconsin Police Leadership Foundation.

"Wisconsin's law enforcement needs this equipment right now," said Ken Pileggi, President of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA), "On behalf of WCPA and the law enforcement throughout the state of Wisconsin — we'd like to thank Mr. Kalluri for this amazing gift. These masks will truly help keep our families and us safe."

About Zerology
Zerology is a Madison-based technology startup whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly transportation one community at a time, starting in Madison. Zerology uses electric vehicles along with a technology platform to enhance ridesharing, car-sharing, and vanpooling for individuals and businesses. Zerology owns and operates Green Cab Madison and recently acquired Badger Cab, now operating a fleet of 56 zero-emission vehicles.

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