Changes coming?

 The city of Barron is considering changes to the front lawn at the government center. One of the proposed changes suggested by County Administrator Jeff French is the removal of the bell tower, which has a history dating back to 1976, when it was installed in conjunction with national bicentennial festivities. A proposed amphitheater in front of the government center has met with some objections, as discarded material from demolition of the old courthouse is believed by old timers to be buried in the soil. But the Bell Tower is not much appreciated according the County Administrator Jeff French who said “We would like to get rid of this old bell tower.” It’s a nuisance going off every hour during the summer.”

Changes to the Barron County Government Center front lawn were among various topics discussed at the County’s Property Committee meeting on Monday, Nov. 14.

The City of Barron is proposing to spend at least $250,000 to develop an amphitheater or similar public space as part of a downtown rejuvenation project.