A Rice Lake man who worked in Barron was taken to a hospital in Eau Claire Friday morning, July 16, 2021, when he left work in Barron after informing a family member he was going to take his own life, according to dispatch logs from the Barron County Sheriff’s Department and from the cities of Barron and Rice Lake.

The man, whom authorities did not identify, was taken into protective custody after reportedly ramming his pickup truck into his home and, later, a light pole along a residential street in Rice Lake, law enforcement officers informed dispatchers.

According to city of Barron police logs, the Sheriff’s Department notified Barron officers about “a call from a woman who said her husband, after getting off work at the Turkey Store, called to say he wasn’t making it home tonight. The man had a history of making suicidal statements,” the log entry said.

The man’s truck could not be located in any of the parking lots near the Turkey Store, city police reported.

“The sheriff’s department then pinged the man’s phone in Rice Lake,” the log entry added.

Just after midnight July 15, the man’s wife phoned 911 to inform dispatchers that her husband had been at their home, but had since left in his truck. A Rice Lake officer talked with the man on the phone, from a location that dispatch logs said was near Spooner. The officer persuaded the man to return to Rice Lake.

But when the man returned, he reportedly drove his truck into the side of his home and left again, eventually colliding with a power pole at a residential street corner along Wisconsin Avenue, about two blocks north of Rice Lake High School. He was then detained and taken to Marshfield Medical Center, Rice Lake.

Shortly after 2 a.m. Friday, the Sheriff’s Department reached an agreement with the Eau Claire office of Northwest Connections to provide the man with emergency mental health services at Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, according to log entries.