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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has announced general school aid figures and official enrollment counts for three school districts in the News-Shield circulation area, as well as for districts throughout the state of Wisconsin.

School aid will decline in each of the three districts in the area, including Barron Area, Cameron and Prairie Farm.

Enrollment in the Barron Area and Prairie Farm school districts declined between the opening of school in 2019 as opposed to this year, DPI figures said.

The Cameron School District gained two students after taking its official enrollment count in late September, DPI figures said.

The Barron Area School District reports 56 children enrolled in 4-year-old and pre-kindergarten classes, 68 Kindergarten students, and 1,043 students in grades 1-12.

In Cameron, there were 81 Kindergarten students and 992 reported in the rest of the grades.

Prairie Farm’s 2020 enrollment totals include 24 Kindergarteners, and 344 students in grades 1-12.

The DPI’s Oct. 14, 2020 press release indicated that the majority of state school aid is allocated to local school districts in the form of “equalization aid.”

According to DPI, “equalization aid is distributed according to a formula designed to help Wisconsin communities provide public education despite local differences in property wealth. The formula considers school district expenditures, property values, and resident student counts (called “membership”).”

General school aids are the largest form of state support for schools in Wisconsin, and are based on prior year data. The private school choice and independent charter school programs are funded based on current year data.