Michael Hennemann

A former Turtle Lake man who was the subject of a nationwide arrest warrant is in the Barron County Jail pending arraignment next Wednesday, August 14, 2019, on charges of felony drunk driving and misdemeanor hit-and-run that date back more than 16 1/2 years, according to county Circuit Court documents.

Michael J. Hennemann, 44, was living in the Florida Keys at the time of his arrest during July 2019, court records said. Additional warrants date back to September 2003, court records said.

According to a complaint filed Dec. 27, 2002, Hennemann was arrested at his home near Turtle Lake in connection with a crash just west of the Almena village limits.

A woman told a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy she was going east on 14 1/2 Avenue, crested a hill near Fifth Street, and saw a blue Jeep operating in her lane, going west (toward her) at a high rate of speed.

The two vehicles collided side-by-side and the woman’s car went into the ditch. The Jeep stopped for a moment, and then sped off.

There was blue paint transfer on the woman’s vehicle, the deputy reported.

Witnesses told the deputy they had seen a similar vehicle on 14 1/2 Avenue and that was kept at the defendant’s address.

The deputy found the vehicle in the defendant’s garage, then spoke with the defendant. He allegedly smelled of alcohol. He could not produce a driver’s license but allegedly told the deputy that he “worked for the CIA.”

The complaint said the defendant initially denied driving the Jeep, but, eventually, admitted he was the driver.

The defendant let the deputy inspect the Jeep. It had some fender damage and some of its blue paint had been chipped off.

The defendant was then arrested. Records show he had three prior drunk driving convictions in Minnesota, and one in Washburn County, dating back to 1996.