After waiting for a pair of court appeals, the Barron County Clerk’s office has made its order for what County Clerk DeeAnn Cook says is likely to be the highest volume of absentee ballots that Barron County has ever had.

“We can’t give accurate numbers (on the cost) because we don’t have the bill for the ballots yet,” Cook said in a Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, email. “It will be significantly higher than ever before due to the volume ordered.”

Barron County went ahead with its absentee ballot order Monday evening, Sept. 14, after court challenges were denied for plaintiffs including the Green Party and nationally-known entertainer Kanye West, who is running for President.

Barron County had declined to make its order before the court cases were settled, according to Cook. She said that, considering the cost of printing the expensive optical-scan ballots, the county decided to wait until the candidate list was confirmed.

Informed that at least two local voters registered to vote a second time, in order to get their absentee ballots, Cook said the state has a means of making sure no one gets an extra ballot.

“If you re-register, your records should get merged through a process we call ‘register list alerts,” she said. “The old record would not disappear. The system is designed so that everyone has one record, and it follows them wherever they live in Wisconsin.”