The city of Barron is seeking reimbursement from the federal government in the aftermath of the July 19, 2019 storm that toppled hundreds of trees across the city and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage.

At its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, members of the City Council were told that representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Administration were in town to verify whether the federal government will pay the city an estimated $300,000 in local expenditures that have taken place since the storm.

Liz Jacobson, city administrator, told the council that the city had done so much work with FEMA that it has been asked to give presentations in other communities that have suffered storm damage.

The day before the Jan. 14 meeting, city Street Superintendent Dave Hanson took a snowmobile ride across the Rolling Oaks Golf Course along with FEMA personnel, in an effort to verify the number of downed trees for which the city is seeking federal aid.

Jacobson said the federal visitors were almost literally counting “stump by stump” during their visit.

On Monday, Jan. 20, Jacobson said there were still three FEMA representatives in town, including a pair of field workers and one environmentalist.

Along with Hanson, the visitors “are going to our damage sites, counting stumps measuring trees, quantifying the amount of debris,” she said.

The financial consequences of the storm continue to be felt in the city budget. At the Jan. 14 meeting, the council approved a $14,672.50 bill from Goettl Logging, Eau Claire, to pay for storm cleanup.