The days are numbered for an obsolete retail building in downtown Barron.

Most recently a Family Dollar store, the building at 508 E. La Salle Ave., is slated for demolition the week of June 14 or the week after, according to city officials.

The City has purchased the site for the development of a new police department and city hall, planned for construction next year.

Engineering consultant Theresa Anderson, of MSA, said Thorp-based Haas and Sons, Inc. is tentatively set to begin the demo on Wednesday, June 16. Haas will then move onto the first phase of the La Salle Avenue reconstruction project between between Seventh and Eleventh streets. Both projects were competitively bid, with Haas being the winner for each.

The building is one of the older structures in the downtown retail area, and it dates back to the turn of the 20th century, according to the News-Shield Sesquicentennial book. Originally owned by Otto Berg and his sons, Martin and Herman, the store dates back to 1902 and has also been the home of the Barron Farmer Store, later known as FS Shopping Center, Hanson’s Family Center, and Kirkwood’s IGA. Family Dollar occupied the building from 1998 until it closed in early 2019.