Unique find

–While hunting turkeys in Dunn County on Wednesday morning, May 26, Barron resident and avid turkey hunter Neal Herrman eyed a white blotch in a field that appeared be a bald eagle. It turned out to be a bald eagle with a fawn locked in its talons, both deceased. Herrman first contacted his brother-in-law, Greg Moen, who is a deputy for the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office. Moen, in turn, contacted the DNR. The DNR’s best guess is that the eagle picked up a road-killed fawn (the deer appeared to have died long before the eagle), and the bird was then struck by a passing vehicle and died relatively close to the roadway. The DNR took possession of the eagle and will attempt to pin down an exact cause of death. Herrman has been contacted by national media outlets about his find, including Outdoor Life, as well as a journalist from England.