A Turtle Lake man was fined $642 after allegedly trapping a raccoon and using it to train hound dogs to hunt, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

Citations filed Oct. 1 identify the suspect as Christopher W. Pichelman, 06011999, 85 135th Ave., Turtle Lake.

A game warden was told that on Sept. 18, the defendant live trapped a raccoon on public land near Big Moon Lake. The coon was later released to allow it to be chased by two hound dogs. The dogs killed the raccoon.

Pichelman was issued two citations, one for hunting/trapping during a closed season, and one for using captive animals from an unauthorized source for hound dog training.

In other outdoor-related cases:

Thomas Maynard Schmidt Jr., 02101975, of Somerset, was issued two citations on Oct. 2, 2021, in connection with a Sept. 19 incident in the town of Crystal Lake.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a UTV crash with injuries near County Hwy. G. The Cumberland Fire Department informed the deputy that the operator of the UTV had fled prior to the officer’s arrival, going west on Hwy. G, with two passengers. Hwy. G is closed to ATV/UTV traffic at the location where the crash took place.

The deputy later spoke with the UTV occupants and learned one of the victims and one of the uninjured passengers weren’t wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Schmidt was issued two citations for illegally operating on a road closed to ATV/UTV traffic and for failing to have his passengers wear safety belts. The fines totaled $394.70.

Joseph Daniel Schmidt, 21, New Richmond, was cited for illegally operating an ATV with a passenger, in connection with the same Sept. 19 crash.

A deputy was investigating the crash when he made contact with the defendant.

The defendant allegedly said he had a passenger riding in the box of his UTV, then, later, said that he had five people in the vehicle while they went to their cabin on Pipe Lake. The fine was $232.