Tony L. Shaw

Former Cumberland resident

A former Cumberland man will be sentenced Aug. 14, 2020, after he pleaded guilty to a pair of felony theft charges during a June 5, 2020, appearance in Barron County Circuit Court.

Tony L. Shaw, 53, has been in the Barron County Jail since his arrest last December, two years after a nationwide warrant had been issued for his arrest, court records said.

On June 5, Shaw pleaded guilty in connection with the theft of more than $4,000 in jewelry during a visit to a Cumberland home during the fall of 2016. Later, Shaw was charged with a similar theft in the disappearance of nearly $7,000 worth of jewelry from a home in New Auburn.

The guilty pleas were part of a deal with prosecutors, who agreed to ask the court to dismiss additional felony charges of strangulation and suffocation, as well as two counts of felony bail jumping.

According to complaints filed in connection with both of the theft charges, the stolen jewelry was traced to Twin Cities pawn shops. But Shaw’s wife was the person listed as having sold the jewelry to the pawn shops.

In January 2017, dispatchers got a 911 hang up call from what proved to be Shaw’s wife’s cell phone.

Three weeks later, two sheriff’s detectives went to Shaw’s Cumberland home to investigate one of the jewelry thefts. Shaw was taken to another room and his wife stayed with the detectives.

The wife allegedly “mouthed to the detectives that they should just take her to jail.” She then showed them a photo on her cell phone, which showed her face bruised and battered.

The beating allegedly took place when the woman made the earlier 911 hang up call. She told the detectives that after she made the call, Shaw allegedly “told her that he would kill her or bury her before the police got there,” then choked her until she was unable to breathe.

A jury trial was scheduled in December 2017, but the defendant disappeared, and a nationwide warrant was issued, court records said.