A Jan. 10, 2020, plea hearing has been set for a Chicago man who allegedly bilked a Prairie Farm resident out of $19,000, Barron County Circuit records said.

Defendant Miso Kitanovski, 50, and his lawyer, discussed the deal by phone during a hearing on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Barron.

Defense attorney Aaron A. Nelson told the court that there is no agreement yet in the case, but that the matter “may be resolved.”

Kitanovski, 2447 W. Lunt Ave., Unit 2R, Chicago, was arrested in a May 22, 2019, sting operation arranged by the Chicago Police Department and Barron County Sheriff’s Department.

He is charged with phoning a Prairie Farm resident to ask for $19,000 in cash to bail the victim’s grandson out of jail. After sending the money, the victim reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Department. The victim’s wife later called to report the same suspect had called to ask for another $10,000.

Arrangements were made for the victims to “agree” to send the money via Federal Express, while police in both states set up a sting operation.

The first attempt backfired, but Chicago police arrested a suspect later identified as the defendant when he showed up to claim the “payment” at a Chicago office building on May 22.