A man convicted of causing “great bodily harm” through intoxicated use of a vehicle will spend nearly six months in jail and will then be transferred to prison to serve two concurrent three-year terms after an Oct. 22, 2019, sentencing hearing in Barron County Circuit Court.

Richard L. Olson, 51, also faced three counts of felony bail jumping at the time of sentencing. But in a deal with county prosecutors, the bail jumping charges were dismissed, and Olson pleaded guilty to felony charges of causing an injury while driving drunk, second and/or subsequent offense, and hit-and-run causing great bodily harm.

In August 2018, Olson was charged with running into a pedestrian outside a Rice Lake bar, then leaving the scene. The victim suffered multiple bruises, lacerations and chipped teeth.

Olson had three drunk driving convictions on his record at the time, two in Barron County and one in Minnesota, court records said.

As a condition of bond, Olson was ordered to abstain from alcohol while the drunk driving case was prosecuted. But he allegedly failed two alcohol breath tests administered at the Barron Police Department on May 8, according to court records.