A Rice Lake woman will be sentenced Jan. 3, 2020, after pleading guilty to two counts of felony identity theft during a Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019, hearing in Barron County Circuit Court.

In a deal with county prosecutors, Holna C. Storin, 42, pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for dismissal of one other charge of ID theft, as well as a felony charge of methamphetamine possession.

A complaint filed Feb. 18, 2019, said Storin used the personal information of a Cameron woman to set up more than 20 phony credit card accounts.

The victim told police she had once lived at Storin’s Rice Lake address, but later moved to Cameron and asked the post office to forward her mail to her new address. It was there that she got a letter saying she’d been approved for a Capital One credit card in her name. Later, the card was used to rack up more than $1,400 in fraudulent purchases.

A Capital One investigator later told police that Storin allegedly set up 21 fraudulent credit card accounts. While opening one of the accounts, she used a mailing address in Rice Lake which turned out to be a halfway house in which she had once lived. A phone used by the person who opened the accounts allegedly belonged to Storin.

One of the activated credit cards was used 10 times in one day during October 2018 at retail stores and other businesses in Rice Lake and Barron. Store security video was obtained and allegedly showed Storin in the stores at the time the card was used.

In a warrant search of Storin’s home last February, police seized a glass smoking device with alleged methamphetamine residue, two small bags of crystal meth, and a 32-inch flat screen TV and computer printer, both linked to one of the phony credit card purchases.