A two-vehicle crash on a foggy September night south of Barron could result in a 15-year prison sentence for a rural Barron man, county Circuit Court documents said.

A complaint filed Sept. 25, 2019, identifies the defendant as Edwin Saul Garcia Gutierrez, 23, 767 14 ½ St., Barron. He was identified as the driver of a sport utility vehicle who allegedly fled the scene of a crash with a pickup truck shortly before 4 a.m. Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, along Wisconsin Hwy. 25 just south of 10 ½ Avenue in the town of Maple Grove.

A deputy arriving on the scene found the SUV empty and the driver of the pickup truck suffering from what were later described as severe hand and hip injuries as a result of the crash.

A witness told the deputy that she was following the pickup truck going north on Hwy. 25. She saw headlights of a southbound vehicle approaching then saw the pickup swerve and abruptly turn sideways, presumably as a result of the crash.

At the scene, an emergency medical technician handed the deputy a cell phone which had been found in the SUV.

Shortly afterward, the deputy spoke with a woman who was the registered owner of the SUV. Her husband allegedly said his brother, the defendant, was driving the SUV that night. The deputy also learned the defendant had allegedly been drinking with another person earlier that night.

In a later interview, the defendant allegedly admitted to driving the vehicle, but that he didn’t have a driver’s license, got scared and ran into the woods after the crash. He denied consuming alcohol.