An Oct. 9, 2019, plea hearing is set for a Barron man charged with calling out alleged racial slurs as he allegedly assaulted a Hispanic neighbor July 27 in an apartment building in the city, county Circuit Court records said.

A complaint filed July 29 identifies the defendant as Gregory T. Reising, 55, 28 S. Third St., Barron.

The alleged victim was in an apartment hallway when a Barron officer arrived the afternoon of July 27. The man’s shirt had bloodstains and his nose appeared to be bleeding. He also slurred his speech and had difficulty walking straight, the officer reported.

The man told the officer he was helping a neighbor, later identified as the defendant, to move a couch in his apartment. He then told the defendant he was going back to his apartment.

The victim alleged the defendant cursed him and hit him in the face, saying “White Power” and “Ku Klux Klan” as he struck him.

The officer went to the defendant’s apartment and spoke to him and another witness who was in the room. The officer spotted some blood on a plastic grocery bag lying on the floor.

The defendant told the officer several times that “nothing happened” between him and the victim. He later said the victim “was trying to take some beers” from his apartment, so he threw the victim out.

The other witness refused to write a statement, saying “he did not want to get involved as he has to live in the building.”

After being arrested, the defendant alleged the victim “took a swing at him” and that he was defending himself.