A Rice Lake man in jail since last November on a charge of drunk driving, 15th offense, is scheduled to stand trial Monday, June 8, 2020, after a Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, appearance in Barron County Circuit Court.

A defense attorney representing Mark Alan Johnson, 66, filed a motion Feb. 7 requesting that the court rule out police body cam video of the defendant, taken while he was being examined in a hospital after his arrest.

The motion was based on the Miranda ruling that requires defendants to be notified of their right to remain silent. But the court found that “the statements were voluntarily made and that a reasonable person would not believe they were under arrest” at the time they were made. The court further ruled that “Miranda was not required (because the defendant) was not in custody at this point.”

A complaint filed Nov. 21, 2019, said a witness saw a truck, allegedly driven by the defendant, go through a stop sign on County Hwy. A at Wisconsin Hwy. 25, north of Ridgeland, at a speed estimated at 40-50 mph. The truck crashed in the west ditch alongside the highway.

Records showed that at the time of the incident, Johnson had 14 other drunk driving convictions on his record, dating back to 1991, in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.