A demand for money in exchange for silence about an alleged sexual affair has led to felony charges against two Cameron residents, Barron County Circuit Court documents said.

Complaints filed Sept. 19, 2019, identify the defendants as Ashley M. Nordin, 24, and Trevor J. Thompson, 38, both of 994 20th St., Unit 9, Cameron. Each was charged with “threatening to communicate derogatory information as party to a crime,” a felony punishable by up to three and one-half years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

The charges stem from an investigation that began Sept. 4, when Barron police were contacted by a city resident.

The complaint said the resident reported that (defendant Nordin) “wanted $10,000 or she would cause problems” for him and his family.

The complainant said the defendants had gone to the victim’s home while he was away, and showed his wife a series of texts which, in effect, accused him of having an affair with defendant Nordin.

The alleged victim told police that he posts ads in area laundromats and other places, inviting people to work for him a couple days a month at his business in Eau Claire.

He said defendant Nordin contacted him and asked if they could meet to talk about the job in more detail. He said that after the meeting, he loaned money to her, even though she wasn’t working for him. After that meeting, the two spoke occasionally to see if they could arrange their schedules for her to work, but that she never actually worked for him. He also alleged he never had any sexual encounter with the defendant.

The victim said the first demand for $10,000 came in a text message, which he treated as “a scam and … empty threats.” But then, the defendants “showed up at the door of his home and made good on the threats,” the complaint said.

The alleged victim said he was working at his warehouse in Eau Claire when his daughter called to say “a drunk guy was at their house causing trouble and upsetting his wife” with the allegation that he had been having an affair with defendant Nordin since the previous March.

The complainant drove home and called the Barron Police Department.

In a later written statement, the complainant’s wife said she heard someone pounding at the door and ringing the doorbell. She said that when the defendants made their allegations about the affair, she asked for some proof. Defendant Thompson allegedly showed her screen shots of the text messages he claimed were exchanged between the complainant and defendant Nordin. The complainant’s wife “immediately noticed discrepancies in the texts,” including one message she read that her husband was “asking defendant Nordin to stop,” the complaint said.

The complainant gave police a copy of the texts allegedly sent from defendant Nordin’s phone. One of the threatening texts said “$10,000 says (your wife) doesn’t get visited. I will be talking to your wife about your fun times at my house if you don’t give me some money. You ain’t broke and I think I’m pregnant. Wake up and help me out.”