A Boyceville man who was the subject of a nationwide arrest warrant for nearly two years was jailed on $6,000 cash bond Nov. 21, 2019, in connection with charges of felony jewelry theft, strangulation/suffocation, and bail jumping, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

Tony L. Shaw, 52, was scheduled for arraignment Friday, Nov. 29. He had been the subject of a nationwide bench warrant since he failed to show up for a court hearing in December 2017.

Shaw was a Cumberland resident when he was charged in 2017 in connection with the theft of an estimated $12,300 in diamond rings and other jewelry from elderly residents of Cumberland and New Auburn. County investigators later learned the stolen jewelry had been pawned in the Twin Cities.

In both cases, the defendant’s wife was alleged to have sold the rings at the pawn shops. The wife eventually admitted to having sold the jewelry under orders from her husband, according to criminal complaints.

Court records said the defendant’s wife was a caregiver for a neighbor of the Cumberland residents from whom the jewelry was stolen. In New Auburn, the defendant’s wife was a caregiver for an elderly woman whose son reported the jewelry theft from his mother’s home.

The defendant’s wife later alleged that he had choked her during a domestic quarrel, and he was also charged with that crime during April of 2017, court documents said.

The defendant’s last court appearance was in October 2017. A jury trial was scheduled for the following December, but the defendant disappeared, and a nationwide warrant was issued in December 2017, court records said.