A Chetek woman charged with selling methamphetamine to a police informant is free on bond after her attorney filed a not guilty plea, shortly after she was found guilty in a jury trial on Monday, Aug. 12, 2019, according to Barron County Court records.

Mary M. Kittelson, 52, was one of two defendants charged in connection with the case. After the jury returned its verdict on the afternoon of Aug. 12, the defense moved to set it aside and issue a not guilty plea because the prosecution had failed to identify the defendant as the person who sold the meth to the informant on Dec. 18, 2018.

The criminal complaint makes reference to “several voices” that were audible during the drug transaction, when the informant allegedly used $120 in prerecorded cash and a GPS-equipped audio transmitter to purchase meth at defendant Kittelson’s home. The complaint refers to Kittelson saying she “picked up the (meth) down the street.”

Judge James C. Babler recessed the hearing for about 20 minutes after the defense challenged the jury verdict, and later decided not to enter a judgment of conviction. The prosecution and defense were told to submit briefs to the court during the remaining weeks of August, and another hearing will take place Sept. 3, court records said.