An alleged sexual encounter at a rural Cameron home that spiraled into a predawn domestic quarrel at a Cameron convenience store Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019, has resulted in misdemeanor charges against two people, Barron County Circuit Court documents said.

A complaint filed Monday, Dec. 2, identifies the defendants as Anthony R. Rodriguez, 30, and Angie J. Putnam, 43, both of 1947 14th Ave., Cameron.

Shortly before 5 a.m. Nov. 30, a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy was called to the Cameron Kwik Trip after a store employee reported that a woman “came running into the store screaming and asking them to call 911.”

The woman, later identified as defendant Putnam, told the deputy that she awoke to find defendant Rodriguez standing over her bed. At the time, defendant Rodriguez was out on bond in connection with an unrelated misdemeanor domestic abuse charge, and he was under orders to have no contact with defendant Putnam.

The woman told the deputy she offered “to take him back to Kwik Trip where (defendant Rodriguez’) sister had left his vehicle earlier that day.”

While the pair drove to town, Putnam alleged that Rodriguez struck her and attempted to choke her. She said she sped into the parking lot and ran to the store, shouting for help.

In a separate interview at the Barron County Jail, defendant Rodriguez alleged that defendant Putnam picked him up at Kwik Trip on the night of Nov. 29 and they had spent the evening “hanging out” and engaging in sex. He denied physically abusing Putnam.

The deputy later contacted defendant Putnam, who allegedly admitted lying to the officer.

The complaint charges defendant Putnam with obstructing an officer, and defendant Rodriguez with misdemeanor bail jumping. If convicted, each could face up to nine months in jail and/or a $10,000 fine.