A Rice Lake man faces two counts of felony bail jumping after his pickup truck was allegedly involved in a minor traffic accident in Cameron Tuesday evening, Sept. 1, 2020, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

The defendant is identified as Steven G. Davis Jr., 36, Rice Lake. He was identified as the driver of a pickup truck that damaged a car in the Kwik Trip parking lot, Cameron.

A village officer arrived at the scene to find a damaged vehicle and three women standing nearby. They told the officer that someone had struck the car with his pickup truck, and then went inside the store.

A man, later identified as the defendant, came out of the store a few minutes later and asked the officer if he could go into the truck to retrieve insurance information.

The officer said the man gave off an alcohol odor, and administered a breath test, which gave a reading of .049.

Records showed the defendant is free on bond in connection with felony charges of vehicle theft and bail jumping. Bond conditions require him not to possess or consume alcohol. He was arrested.

Court records said the defendant made a Sept. 2 court appearance, and cash bond was set at $250. He is scheduled for another court appearance Sept. 16.