A man from Dallas whose semi-tractor was seized during a repossession at Cameron on Christmas Day has been charged with felony methamphetamine possession, Barron County Circuit Court documents said.

A complaint filed Dec. 26, 2019, identifies the defendant as Alex A. Shearer, 24, 1443 3 1/2 Ave., Dallas.

On Christmas Day, two Barron County Sheriff’s deputies went to the Cameron Kwik Trip to assist with the repossession of a semi-truck.

The owner of the 2013 Peterbilt truck told authorities that he had a verbal agreement with the defendant to operate the vehicle and make monthly payments. But the owner alleged the defendant hadn’t paid over the past three months.

While deputies were on the scene, the defendant’s girlfriend went into the truck to remove the defendant’s personal belongings. It was then that the defendant allegedly told deputies “that there was meth and, possibly, drug paraphernalia” in the vehicle.

In the center console, one of the deputies found a bag that contained what later tests proved was half a gram of meth.

The defendant allegedly said that he had recently begun to use the drug to “run hard,” which the deputy understood as being able to drive for an extended period of time without sleep.