A Douglas County woman who allegedly told officers that she thought it would be fun to have them chase her could face up to 18 months in prison in connection with a high-speed chase Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021, near Turtle Lake, Barron County Circuit court records said.

A complaint filed Aug. 27 identifies the defendant as Elizabeth A. Pulczynski, 39, 181 Second Ave., Unit B2, Minong.

The complaint said a town of Turtle Lake resident called 911 on Aug. 26 to report that a woman (later identified as the defendant) had come to her home “and asked if she had any pot or meth(amphetamine).”

By the time a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy reached the home, the suspect was gone. But, as he was speaking with the woman who made the 911 call, the deputy saw the suspect driving down the witness’s driveway in a pickup truck.

As he walked toward the truck to contact the driver, the deputy said the truck allegedly drove around both him and his patrol car.

The deputy got in his squad and followed the truck with his emergency lights on, but it didn’t stop. He activated his siren, and the truck sped up, going west on Eighth Avenue at speeds estimated near 80 mph. The deputy radioed dispatchers that he was in pursuit. A second deputy was paged.

The ensuing chase went on for an estimated four and one-half miles before the fleeing truck stopped at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Polk-Barron Street, about four miles south of Turtle Lake.

The driver, later identified as the defendant, allegedly told officers that “she wanted a (high) speed chase as she has never been in one and she thought it would be fun.”

The defendant failed a field sobriety test and allegedly admitted using marijuana earlier in the day.

Court records said the defendant is free on $2,500 signature bond pending a hearing on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021.