Michael Balog

A Ladysmith man facing Barron County charges of stalking and felony assault is in the Rusk County jail facing pending charges after he argued with a woman and locked himself in his home, refusing to come out when law enforcement arrived.

The suspect is identified as 37-year-old Michael J. Balog. He was arrested Friday morning, June 14, after two Ladysmith police officers and two Rusk County deputies responded to a report that he was creating a disturbance and refusing to let a woman in his residence leave for work.

According to the probable cause statement, the officers initially responding saw a male following behind a female walking on Shady Lane in the rain. The woman told officers through the window “he needs to leave.”

Balog turned and ran toward his residence while the officers told him to stop several times, the statement said.

Due to previous law enforcement encounters and knowledge of possible firearms in the residence, officers set up a perimeter around his residence.

The Barron and Rusk Emergency Response Team took the suspect into custody, according to Ladysmith Police Chief Kevin Julien.

Officers were able to speak with Balog on the phone and asked him to come out of the home and speak with them. Balog allegedly told officers nothing had happened at his home and that he was not going to speak with them. Balog did confirm he did have weapons in his residence.

According to the probable cause statement, Balog eventually told officers through the front door screen window he wanted to talk. The officers approached Balog with their service weapons drawn and spoke with him while he continued to refuse to leave the residence.

Balog was allegedly told by officers that if he continued to be uncooperative, he would likely face additional charges and that the ERT team was coming and would force entry into his residence.

While Balog was speaking with the officers two adult roommates and two young children, who were still in the home, were able to leave through the back door.

Balog eventually allowed two officers to enter the home. He was handcuffed. When Balog left the home, ERT was cancelled.

The victim told officers that prior to their arrival, Balog told her he was going to slash her tires then retrieved a knife and went out to the driveway. The victim locked the front door intending to flee out the back door, however, according to the probable cause statement, before she could, Balog kicked the front door open.

Balog yelled profane names at the female then returned to the driveway to let the air out of her tires. The victim fled out the back door running, and the suspect caught up with her as officers were responding.