A Missouri man who apparently thought he was being chased by a squad car is facing a felony fleeing and eluding charge following a more than 20-mile high-speed chase through the Almena, Poskin and Barron areas, according to county Circuit Court documents.

A criminal complaint filed Wednesday, July 14, 2021, identifies the defendant as Christopher D. Doiron, 24, of Springfield, Mo.

A Barron County Sheriff’s deputy reported he was on his way to an accident in Chetek at about 12:30 a.m. July 14, when he encountered a vehicle that didn’t yield the right of way near the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 8 and County Hwy. P at Almena.

At the time, the officer had his emergency lights and siren on, the complaint said.

Instead of pulling over, the suspect vehicle rapidly accelerated to 100 mph, passed another vehicle in a no passing zone, then left Hwy. 8 at Poskin. The vehicle continued to flee along several town roads, going through at least one stop sign and traveling in the wrong lane of traffic.

The pursuit eventually entered the city of Barron, then left town via Mill Street before the fleeing vehicle ended up on a dead-end gravel town road north of the city.

The deputy saw the suspect vehicle drive across a yard and almost collide with a home while trying to get away. Before it left the yard, however, the fleeing vehicle got stuck between a pair of large trees.

The driver, later identified as the defendant, allegedly failed to comply with the deputy’s orders to shut off the engine and put his hands on the steering wheel.

At that point, the deputy and several other officers approached the car with a ballistic shield.

After they broke the driver-side window, the defendant was sprayed with a chemical irritant. After several more commands, the defendant got out of the vehicle, but he allegedly “flailed around, yelled and remained uncooperative” as he was taken into custody.

The complaint said this behavior continued as the defendant was taken to jail, but that he “calmed down” by the time the squad reached Barron.

Court records said the defendant was jailed on $2,500 cash bond following an initial appearance on July 14. A preliminary hearing is set this Friday, July 23, 2021.